Collection: 1 ON 1 WIG MAKING CLASS

Our wig making class is a structured learning experience that teaches participants how to create wigs from scratch on the sewing machine. Our classes are held in a salon suite in Atlanta. In our wig making class, you can expect to learn a variety of techniques and skills involved in wig construction.
The wig class will cover:

Introduction to wig making: Understanding the basics of wig construction (closure and frontal), different types of wigs, and the materials used.

Wig cap measurements: Learning how to measure the head for accurate sizing, constructing on a wig cap, and creating a comfortable fit.

Sewing machine: Learning about your sewing machine settings and techniques.

Hair styling: You will also learn basic hairstyling techniques for wigs, including cutting, curling, and straightening.

Wig customization: Exploring techniques for customizing wigs to suit individual preferences, such as adding baby hairs, creating different parting styles, and plucking.

Wig maintenance and care: Understanding how to properly care for and maintain wigs to ensure their longevity, including washing, conditioning, and storing.

Wig making class duration is typically (5-9) hours depending on the student. The wig making class will be offered in-person at a suite in a salon in Atlanta. The class provides hands-on practice, demonstrations, and step-by-step guidance to help participants develop their wig making skills.

Full course: Wig construction + Customization

9 hours (30 mins for lunch) *can be more/less depending on the student*

Sewing machine set up

Measurements, guidelines, track placement

Doubling wefts

Closure/frontal wig construction

Full customization of closure/frontal & styling

Mesh dome cap construction

Proper guidelines for a closure or frontal unit

*Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE*

SHOP PAY can be used for deposit!

This course includes: a wig making guide, wig kit, free access to online courses, and certificate.


5 hours

This course is great for individuals who are already familiar with the fundamentals of wig making but want to take their customization and styling to the next level! Full customization of lace piece: Bleaching knots, toning knots, plucking for scalp like effect, styling of closure/frontal, how to hide knots on part, middle part plucking, baby hair molding, how to make your closure/frontal super flat, curling techniques, flat iron techniques, curling techniques, and so much more! 


SHOP PAY can be used for deposit!

 This course includes: a wig making guide, wig kit,  free access to online courses, and certificate.


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